1What is the official iPhone unlocking?

Unlocking from the cellular carrier on which your iPhone is locked. .

2Why are some iPhone locked?

Cellular companies (AT&T, Sprint) signed contracts with Apple.

Carriers purchase new iPhones at Apple, block the module for their network, and sell these phones much cheaper, given what the customer will use for a year or two just by their network. During this time they cover the costs of purchasing and earning.

3Do I need a SIM card from an carrier that has an iPhone locked?

After our unlocking, you absolutely do not need a SIM card from the carrier to which your iPhone was locked. Your iPhone will be unlocked!

4Can my iPhone be locked again?

No, your iPhone will be unlocked forever! We do not use temporary WorldWide services to unlock the iPhone.

5I must to send you an iPhone to unlock?

No. For successful unlocking, only the IMEI number (15 digits) is needed. Unlocking is done at a distance.

Never send iPhone to people to unlock the iPhone, do not trust the scammers.

6How does the unlock process go?

1. You fill out an order on our website.

2. We process your order and see which service is best for you.

3. We contact you by the phone number specified in the order form, or by e-mail.

4. We send you order data and details for payment of the order.

5. You make a payment.

6. We add your IMEI to our process tracking system. Track Order

7. We send your IMEI to the unlock process.

8. After the time indicated on the order page, we inform you by phone or by e-mail that your iPhone is unlocked.

9. You insert a SIM card pass the activation process via Wi-Fi and your iPhone is unlocked (Unlocked)!

1What payment systems do we use?

We accept payment for MasterCard and Visa card. We also work on the system of Privat Bank, MoneyGram, Western Union, QiWi, SWIFT.

2How to pay order?

After checking your order we will send you the details along with the order data.

3Are the money refunded if the iPhone could not be unlocked?

We refund your money in 100% of the amount. We guarantee the safety of your money.

4Can I pay in currency (USD)?

We accept payment in dollars for a dollar card.

5How can I be sure that my money will not disappear?

We have a section reviews , where real customer testimonials are written, you can contact them through social networks and ask about our services and our decency. We prefer that customers talk about us, not us!